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I have found this kind of dog by chance. I was a breeder of Welsh Terriers for 30 years, and besides I loved the Airedale Terriers as „best of”. When my children have flown off of the „nest” having taken their dogs with them, I was left alone with 60 years of age and with several plus pounds of weight with the need to find an honest, four-legged partner again.

One day I met a fair haired, dignified kind of dog who had a merryly waving tail on its back. I did not see its eyes under the long hair. I thought it must have been a mixed bride as only that could be so beautiful. I asked the owner about the breed and the answer was: a Tibetan Terrier. I was astonished. That dog was a young bitch with amazing calm temperament in spite of the name „terrier” which referenced to „territory” and not anything else as I have learned later. The dignified, calm temperament is a characteristic of that breed, the owner told me. I was charmed by Tibetan Terrier irrevocably. I have spent weeks of searching information on that breed. I have found that the Tibetan Terrier originates from the desolate remote land of Tibet situated high up in the Himalayan Mountains. This very ancient breed has developed to survive the harsh conditions of Tibet with its extremes of weather and terrain. Dogs were kept in the monasteries and used by the nomads to herd and guard their animals. The breed was rarely seen outside of Tibet until an English lady doctor was presented with one and brought the breed to the United Kingdom int he 1920’s and formed the basis of the breed as we now see them worldwide. Although I was charmed by the breed’s appearance and habit, I still have had thoughts of Welsh Terriers. The decision was forced by my daughter. As I spent my holiday by the Lake Balaton she called me saying there was a litter of Tibetans to find new owners, what about having one? I was ready to have one. After 3 days my daughter brought me Vica in a basket. It was a wonder to hold her in my lap. I felt I could not live without her anymore after a kiss and a deep Tibetan glance she had gave me. We both knew we were for each other. I became ready to grow up a Tibetan „girl” ensuring a happy life for her and grooming her beautiful, long coat. I have never compared the Tibetan to the Welsh Terrier but I always preserve my addiction to the latter breed.

Vica’s first wedding had happened in summer 2004. One of her sons, Avril, the last, was also for sale but finally I was unable to part with. I fell in love with him although I have never missed a dark coated Tibetan. However, I am now addicted to this wonderful, tricolor kid. By the way, his brothers are also wonderful. Avril is a smart, dynamic, excellent dog with balanced nervous system. Nobility is inherited from its ancestors having several Champion awards of famous Europian kennels. Avril is a real „show dog” with elegant look, compelling movement and with the ability to draw attention of the judges.

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Mrs. Maria Szendrey


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